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Weak of the Week

The Truth About American's Dreams....

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*Rules of Weak of the Week*

*We prefer 18+ (However, if you are a well-spoken jail-bait, you'll be accepted with arms wide open

*If you have nothing to offer in terms of current events or news, dont bother

*Please have a personality. (Your own, not what you think we want to see to be in the community)

*Don't pretend that you have an eating disorder or an addiction because it's in this season (ok, maybe that's a bit harsh, but if you do infact have an addiction or a disorder, we will NOT discriminate).

*After joining, you will have 48 hours to complete the member survey or you will be removed.

*Rebuttle's are great (actually, encouraged), but be RESPECTFUL of everyone's beliefs!! Or, your ass will be tossed!
*MUY IMPORTANTE!!: Please correctly utilize the English language. Please do not "tAlK lYke Dis". Typo's are ok (hey, it happens), but don't butcher one of the remaining gifts from our forefathers.

*Your Mods*



*Member Survey*
Marital Status:
Political party you identify yourself with the closest:
3 favorite books and why:
Favorite music/ bands:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite sport & team/ NASCAR Driver:
Thoughts on abortion:
Thought on Immigration:
Thoughts about Tattoos or body modification in general:
Thoughts on Religion/ Philosophy:
Recommend a Link:
Share a picture of Yourself: (optional)

*We are going to eventually make this a paid account so we can offer better features for you. However, if you feel you would like to donate $5 to get us going, we will be extremely grateful!!



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