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Wed, Aug. 31st, 2005, 10:05 pm
nukelaloosh: It's hard work mis-managing a great nation...

New here...hey.

George W. Bush this week had to cut short his planned 5 week vacation at his Crawford, TX ranch due to the damage to the Southeast from the ill-timed Hurricane Katrina. Had he stayed the full five weeks, it would have been the longest planned vacation away from the White House by any President in nearly 40 years. In less than five years, Bush has spent 300+ days away on vacation (including so-called 'working vacations'), or 20% of his Presidency. At this rate, with three years left in office, he'll easily break the Presidential record for time off of 500+ days...ironically held by Bush the Elder.

There's only one word for this crap...WEAK.